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Japanese Double Hydrangea 'Hinamatsuri' (女儿节) (1 Gal+ Live Plant)

Japanese Double Hydrangea 'Hinamatsuri' (女儿节) (1 Gal+ Live Plant)

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Hinamatsuri hydrangea is a large Japanese hydrangea with double petals, giving people a very fairy feeling when blooming. The flowering of children's festival is particularly characteristic. The edge of this flower is pink, the center of the flower is white, the flower is very large, and the flower ball of the whole flower is round, giving people a very plump feeling. Mature plants are more robust, with well-developed stems and leaves. It is also a variety that is easy to color in color. It can produce white-blue or white petals under acidic conditions, and white-pink, deep red or light red under alkaline conditions. The flowers are in full bloom, which is amazing. a feeling of. The flower is easy to plant, and the flowering period is from April to July. It needs vernalization maintenance, which can make the flowers bloom more and better.


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