Care Instructions

Comprehensive Rose Planting and Care Instructions

Soil Preparation: Optimal soil for roses is loose, well-draining, and nutrient-rich. A suitable soil mixture could comprise 40% peat moss, 20% coconut fiber, and 40% garden soil. Using 100% peat moss can also work.

Light Requirement: Roses thrive in abundant sunlight, needing a minimum of 6 hours of direct light daily. Inadequate sunlight may lead to poor blooming or irregular flower development.

Temperature Considerations: Roses prefer a moderate climate with temperatures ranging from 64°F (18°C) - (82°F) 28°C. Extreme heat above 91°F  (33°C) can hinder their growth. During periods of intense sunlight and high temperatures, provide shade, especially around midday.

Watering and Fertilization: Ensure regular watering while avoiding overwatering, as excess moisture can be detrimental. When planting, incorporate organic sheep manure as a base fertilizer. For ongoing nourishment, apply a light water-soluble fertilizer weekly, suitable for all stages of rose growth.

Pruning Guidelines: Maintain roses through regular pruning to promote healthy growth. Remove diseased, dead, thin, dense, or excessively long branches, as well as spent flowers. When eliminating old branches, cut them off at the base for optimal results.