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Flowering Japanese 'Emerald Begonia' (日本复瓣绿宝石海棠) Bare Root Living Plant

Flowering Japanese 'Emerald Begonia' (日本复瓣绿宝石海棠) Bare Root Living Plant

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The Emerald Begonia blooms once a year, typically between March and May. It bears small light green flowers, arranged in clusters of 3-5, and produces a large number of blossoms, making it highly ornamental during the flowering period. After flowering, it yields yellow, oblate-shaped fruits from September to October. To ensure vigorous growth and timely blooming, it requires an environment with sufficient light and good ventilation during cultivation, as well as a certain degree of cold and drought tolerance. However, it requires ample fertilizer and water during the flowering period, necessitating preemptive topdressing.

Soil: While it doesn't have stringent soil requirements, for optimal growth, it thrives in soft, breathable, well-drained soil rich in humus.

Light: It thrives in well-lit environments and benefits from prolonged exposure to sunlight, which aids in nutrient accumulation. However, during the intense summer months, it should be shaded to prevent overexposure.

Watering: The Emerald Begonia exhibits moderate drought tolerance, so watering need not be frequent during growth. Watering should be done judiciously, following the 'dry and wet' method. Avoid watering if the soil is still moist to prevent water accumulation and root rot.

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