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Climbing Rose 'Nahema' (娜河马) (2 Gal Live Plant)

Climbing Rose 'Nahema' (娜河马) (2 Gal Live Plant)

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Nahéma (Nahéma) is a large-flowered vine rose. Its biggest feature is its unique fragrance, and it is because of this fragrance that it is well known to the public. Its flowers are light pink, double-petaled, it has good flowering property, multiple heads open, and it can continue to bloom in four seasons.Nahéma famous vine, named after the French perfume house Nahéma (actually the name comes from a pair of twin sisters in One Thousand and One Nights)

Instructions: This video is very helpful for beginners.
Plants received should be soaked in water for 1 hour then planted immediately. Small roses are recommended to be planted in a pot and larger roses are recommended to plant into the ground. Roses MUST receive direct sunlight, do NOT place in shaded or indoor, including balconies or near windows. Be sure your pots allow adequate water flow - water should be able to flow out the bottom of the pots. Watering should be done whenever the soil is not wet; check the soil with your hand near the roots to see if it is wet. Make sure your potted roses are elevated so rain water does not flood the bottom of the pot. Roses should ONLY be planted with loose flower mix for the first few months, no fertilizers or unsuited soil / mulch should be used until the rose is able to grow leaves.

Will ship in BARE ROOT only, no flower on the plant. With a height of roughly 10", but may be cut shorter for shipping purposes.
Ships to Continental USA only.
Plants are usually shipped on Monday and Tuesday in order to avoid any delays over the weekend. Please be aware of the WEATHER in your area. We won’t be responsible for weather-related or mishandling of packages. If your plants got severely damaged in shipping please provide a photo of the box and damaged plant within the first 48 hours. If the plant is deemed severely damaged (beyond broken leaves), we will either replace or credit you. Void after 48 hours.

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