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Hydrangea 'Miss Keiko' (惠子小姐) (1 Gal+ Bare Root)

Hydrangea 'Miss Keiko' (惠子小姐) (1 Gal+ Bare Root)

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Miss Keiko is a new hydrangea imported. The mature plant is relatively short, and the mature plant is only about 0.5 meters. It can be planted on the balcony. Although the overall plant of this flower is relatively small, the flowering volume is sufficient and good. The flowers are very charming when they are in full bloom. The wavy lace and the mixed color of white powder make you unable to move your eyes away after seeing it. The branching of this flower is very good. If you want it to bloom more, pay more attention to the side branches when pruning, so that the side branches will bloom more, and the flowering will be easy to burst.

The flower is a color-changing variety that blooms in spring and summer, and the color of the flower can be changed by changing the ph of the soil. Blue flowers bloom under acidic conditions, but the flowers are not particularly blue, but have a grayish-blue feel, full of fresh and artistic sense, especially the spherical shape of the flowers, which makes people unable to resist touching them. Although the flowers are short and have many branches, the branches are relatively thick, and it is not easy to hang down when it blooms large flowers.
Keiko is resistant to cold and heat, and has strong disease resistance. Except for the disadvantage of slow growth, everything else is an advantage.

Applicable space: balcony courtyard roof
Height: 0.5 meters
Flowering season: spring, summer
Plant Variety: Big Flower Hydrangea

You will receive (1) healthy well rooted plant that is wrapped.

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